Famed golf course designer Pete Dye dies at 94

Famed golf course designer Pete Dye dies at 94

Any golf fan is waiting for this coming PGA tour, which is set starting this next march. Though we are highly anticipating the golf streaming of the player’s championship, on the other hand, we are also mourning the demise of one famed golf course designer, by the name Pete Dye.

Passing in the Dominican Republic at the age of 94, it is a feeling of deep sorrow and unbelievable news to nay golf enthusiastic. He has been struggling with Alzheimer’s diseases for some years and on Thursday morning it was the sad news.

Pete Dye is a famous golf architect who has been at the forefront of the design of various modern golf courses.

The man is respected for building some great golf courses .one of the top course that he has built is the TPC Sawgrass. This stadium course has been hosting the player’s championship tournament since 1982.

What is amazing is how he changed a swamp area into something that has been hosting one major golf tournament on the PGA tour through all these years. Imagine, he purchased the swampland at 1 dollar which at the time looked like unproductive land.

With the help of his wife, Alice who diet on last February at age 91, they converted the swampland into one of today’s popular golf courses, the TPC Sawgrass. The venue has earned them fame and we will still remember them as long we use their stadium.

Last note

For sure, we have lost one important man who is respected for turning a swampland into a 17-hole golf course that has been hosting the player’s championship since 1982 and one which is a challenge even to professional golfers. While we loved you more, God loved you more.

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