Australian Grand Prix Official Broadcasters

Australian Grand Prix Official Broadcast

For the Australian audience, the Grand Prix racing provides the best live viewing opportunities. For those Formula 1 fan that will not be able to make it to the event, you might be wondering which Australian networks will be broadcasting the action live, and watching it on live TV from the comfort of your home seems to be the best option.

For Australian fans, you access the live television of all the 21 Grand Prix fixtures with the option of watching the event in 4K Ultra HD. The range of viewing the action is not limited to cable or satellite TV, internet-connected platforms are also available, and this makes the Australian GP online streaming easy to access.

If you are in a restricted region area and do not have access where you can view the Australian Grand Prix, you can use a VPN with country servers that have access to various sites and TV channels that will be broadcasting the event.

Some of the official broadcasters include the following

Fox sport: For the Australian audience, this broadcaster has various delivery options, and it offers live broadcast of all the 21 F1 fixtures, and this is inclusive of the Foxtel, their online platform. The Fox Sports channel 506 remains to be the official broadcaster, and all the F1 Grand Prix events will be broadcasted live, and each championship race will be accessible in HD.

Channel ten: This broadcaster, which is free to air, will also show all the 21 fixtures of the circuit with only one of the feature races to be telecasted live. Channel ten reduced their coverage on F1 Grand Prix before the last season, and no official announcement has been made on the renewal of their coverage. The event that will be telecasted is the Australian Grand Prix, and the remaining fixtures will be broadcasted as replays that are shortened on the night when the winner will be announced.

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