Watch Rugby World Cup online

Will you be among those who will be in Japan to watch the rugby world cup tournament? Ok for you. However, we know and it is clear that not all rugby fans will make it to Japan. What does this imply? It doesn’t imply that they will totally be not able to watch the tournament.

So what is the way to go?  The only way for them is to watch on TV. Though, this can still be costly particularly for Cable or satellite TV, watching from online can be cheaper if you need the readily available option for them.

Here we are going to look at some of the online TV that can enable you to watch Rugby World Cup free online.


Our first online TV is DIRECTV Now. This online TV comes with channels such as NBC SPORT, ESPN and sky sport in its packages.

Though you will be required to pay $75 per month, there is still a way to watch the tournament free.

First, it offers a trial period. So, can watch some matches during the trial period.

All in all, you will be able to watch the tournament in HD and online.

Sling TV

The other option that you can consider is the Sling TV. This has been one of the known online TV, which boasts of a huge history.

It only requires $25 per month and be able to access the top sports channels such as NBC sport after the trial period has been expired.

Fubo TV

While it is also crucial to note that Fubo TV is another TV with some top sports channels, it is still vital to note that they also offer a free trial. Though it is a bit expensive to Sling TV, it is still among the best online options of watching the rugby world cup.

Last Note

So, if you have been looking for the way to watch the tournament online, then these Online TVs should be fact, they are the best and cheapest of all online TVS alongside the free trial period that they offer.

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