Key players of the Ashes Test Series

Ashes key players 2019

The 2019 Ashes test series is around the corner. Many fans are waiting to see their favorite players excel and prove their worthiness. Sincerely, for this coming ashes test series, we are expecting a lot as England will be bidding to retain their Ashes.

We have also seen, a number of warm-up matches, which have identified some talents that will be the key players in this tournament. Here we look at some of them.


For team England to retain their Ashes then will have to use the services of two key players fully. These players are non-other than;

Mark Stoneman

He is one of the tops and key players of team England. The thirty years man, become a hero after he reeled off three hundred. For this coming tournament, he is still capable of surprising many fans.

Jonny Bairstow

The man is known for the record he broke in 2016. He can feature in three hundred and in the team, has a very crucial role.


Australia, the favorite cricket team of all time. Experienced players make the team topper.

David Warner

For the Australian team, they also come in the tournament with some outstanding talents. The first and key talent is David Warner. The man will be a real battle for team England. He can cause a backfire.

Shaun Marsh

The 34 man is another great talent expected to be part of the team Australia in this coming tournament. The man holds the highest level of experience and will be striving to prove why he was picked and called to the squad.

Last Note:

If the above players are also your favorite, then be on the radar to see them you are them in action. One way to ensure that is to consider the England vs Australia Ashes live online.

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