How to get Titans NFL football schedule and channels

If you are a Tennessee Titan fan, you’re ready for the new season to begin. Preseason has started, but its nothing compared to the regular NFL season. Watching the Titans game live is one of the most exciting times during this time of year. We will show you how to get Titans NFL football schedule and channels to watch the Watch Titans games live.

How to get the Titans schedule is easy. You can go to the Tennessee Titans site or any online search will point you in that direction. Any of the NFL web sites will have all of the schedules listed for you. ESPN is a great resource for the regular season dates as well.

We will begin with Thursday night games. This season Thursday night football games will air on either FOX Sports, Amazon Prime Video, or the NFL Network. Other ways to watch the games are on television, if you are in the Tennessee region, there is a Titans Preseason TV Network or WKRN-News 2 in Nashville. Other affiliates are ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS. Check your local listings.

Streaming the Titans live is easy to do also. Fans can livestream WKRN on their mobile devices for free or If you’re a die-hard fan, you have the Titans official app already. Both of these are options for watching your team live and free. The NFL Game Pass delivers you access to the games live as well. You’ll see every game of the season this way.

You can also watch the Titans play live streaming using a free trial of fubo TV, Hulu, or Sling TV. If you’re outside the area, try NFL Game Pass free trial. If you have a digital antenna, you will be able to watch the Titans play as well. The Titans have 15 games on TV channels. ESPN and ABC only host one of the Titans games this season. You will want to find a service that streams all of the channels the Titans play on in order to see them play live.

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